The Association’s Objectives are:

To promote solidarity and a feeling of fellowship among members

To promote mutual assistance and co-operation among its members

To promote close co-operation between its members and St. Francis Convent schools in Kota Kinabalu

To promote the welfare of the St. Francis Convent Schools; and

To raise funds with the prior approval of the ROS and the relevant authorities

Our Vision for St. Francis Convent Secondary School

Together, the Primary / Secondary School Management Board, the Parents-Teachers Association (PTA), the Ex-Franciscans’ Association (1998) and the St. Francis Convent Secondary School Building Committee are putting up a proposal:

  • To relocate the Secondary School Building to the site adjacent to the existing Primary School at Bukit Padang.
  • To have both the Primary and Secondary schools located on a total designated area of 20 acres.

Justifications for the re-sitting of the Secondary School:

  • To provide a safe, healthy and conducive teaching and learning environment for both students and teachers and such premises to be located in one place;
  • In view of the increasing sophistication of educational facilities of the “smart school” concept and the additional facilities intended for the new school building:
    • A school sports field
    • A school hall
    • Sufficient number of classrooms for single session
    • Other facilities for future use