The Alumni of St Francis Convent Schools Kota Kinabalu

A Brief History

St Francis Convent Schools of Kota Kinabalu consists of a kindergarten, a primary and a secondary school. It is an all-girls school, except that the kindergarten takes in boys as well. That is why some of the members of The Alumni are men.

This is a relatively young association founded in 1978 and was known for a long time by its former name of “Ex Franciscans’ Association” or “EFA”. A former teacher, a Mill Hill missionary nun by the name of Rev. Sister St Luke encouraged its formation and on the 29th of April 1978, its inaugural meeting was held. During that inaugural meeting, the following were elected into the Protem Committee:-

President : Datuk Ariah Tengku Ahmad
1st Vice President :Mrs. Usha Jayaram
2nd Vice President :Datin Imelda Stephens
Secretary : Mrs. Rosie Wong
Assistant Secretary :Mrs. Helen Lim
Treasurer : Mrs. Agatha Chong
Assistant Treasurer : Mrs. Wong Wan Cher
Sports Secretary : Mrs. Agnes Hiew
Social Secretary :Mrs. Rita Chin
Committee Members : Mrs. Bellina Funk
Mrs. Katherine Chin
Datin Nancy Mojuntin
Mrs. Judith Hoo
Mrs. Sadiqa Curreem
Mrs. Helena Kwan

The Association was registered on the 17th October 1978. On 19th May 1979, its first Annual General Meeting was held and the following were elected into office:-

PresidentDatuk Ariah Tengku Ahmad
1st V. PresidentMrs Rita Chin
2nd V. PresidentDatin Seri Panglima Celestina Kinajil-Jinu
SecretaryMrs Usha Jayaram
Asst. SecretaryMrs Rosie Wong
TreasurerMrs Violet Funk
Asst. TreasurerMrs Wong Wan Cher
Sports SecretaryMs Cecilia Liew
Social SecretaryMrs Christina Padasian
Public Relations OfficerMrs Jovinia Choy
Committee MembersRev. Sister Teresa Yong
Mrs Catherine Chung
Datin Imelda Stephens
Mrs Judith Hoo
Rev. Sister Mary Cecilia

The Patron of the Association since its inauguration to this day is Toh Puan Hajjah Rahimah Stephens.

It is important to give due recognition to these pioneering ladies as the Alumni will not be as it is today without their visions and hard work.

The aims and objectives of the Alumni as stated in its Constitution are:-

  1. To promote solidarity and a feeling of fellowship among its members;
  2. To promote mutual assistance and co-operation among its members;
  3. To promote close co-operation between its members and St Francis Convent Schools in Kota Kinabalu;
  4. To promote the welfare of the St Francis Convent Schools; and
  5. To raise funds with prior approvals of relevant authorities.

Over the years, subsequent Presidents of the Alumni have in their own special way added to the continued fulfilment of these objectives. It’s notable past presidents are:-

1979-1980Datuk AriahTengku Ahmad
1980-1981Mrs Norah Sekhon
1981-1982Mrs Rita Chin
1982-1983Puan Sri Imelda Stephens
1983-1984Datin Seri Panglima Celestina Kinajil - Jinu
1984-1985Mrs Rosie Wong
1985-1986Mrs Catherine Chung
1986-1987Datin Helen Koding (2 terms)
1998-1999Mrs Bridget Yong
1999-2001Mrs Mary Gomez
2001-2003Datin Maureen Lind
2003-2007Mrs Philomena Engsun (2 terms)
2007-2009Mrs Feona Jinu - Ho
2009-2011Mrs Mazni Manjaji – Sunarno
2011-2013Ms Laurentius S Majani @ Suzanne Stidi
2013-2015Ms Suzanah Mohd Ali @ Jubrin
2015- 2019Datuk Mary E Dumpangol @Aminah Ambrose (2 terms)
2019 - 2021Ms Dymphna Ubing
2021 - 2023Ms Dymphna Ubing
2023 - 2025Datin Leena Toyoi

In these recent years, The Alumni’s main focus has been to raise funds for the construction of the St Francis Convent Secondary School.  The school is to be relocated from the beloved Harrington Road which many old scholars would remember with fond memories. Due to its age and the limitations of the current location, and with a view towards progressing exponentially as a school, a brand new building in a brand new location is necessary. The location of the new school building is next to the St Francis Primary School at Bukit Padang, Kota Kinabalu. With continued solidarity amongst members of the Alumniand the School, this dream will soon becomea reality as we proudly remind ourselves ofour worthy theme ….

Amare Et Servire – TO LOVE AND TO SERVE !