This website is created for the benefit of students who attended any of the three schools of St. Francis Convent School, Kota Kinabalu, namely the Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary. We therefore hope to reach out to everyone who have attended either one of the St. Francis Convent schools by visiting and registering through this website as members of the Alumni. Though this is an all girls’ school, we also have guys too in this alumni. They are those who attended their early childhood education in St. Francis Convent Kindergarten KK. It is also a platform to share the activities that we have done thus far and also where we will introduce our office bearers for the Alumni & the Schools Management Board & it's sub-committees. In the true Franciscans’ spirit, let us be united and work together to realize our aspirations and dreams, the main one currently being the building of our new Secondary School. Amare Et Servire!

"Realizing our dream through your generosity"